More About Me

Randy Pirtle is dedicated and committed to his real estate practice placing a strong emphasis on teaching and guiding his clients, listening closely to what they say, then acting upon their wants and needs.  His primary goal is to make the home buying and selling process as stress-free as possible.  

For the past two years, Randy has over 50 transactions exceeding $40M in sales.  Randy has guided his clients through preparing competitive and winning offers during a time of historically low housing inventory.  Quite often his clients have risen to the top of multiple offers.  In late Spring 2018, the Seattle area began to lean to a buyer-friendly market.  Randy is taking advantage of that shift continuing to craft winning offers in the current market climate. 

Prior to entering real estate sales, Randy had over 30 years of experience in the advertising industry working closely with art directors to bring their visions to life.  Today, Randy similarly helps his buyers visualize and find their perfect homes. 

There are questions and factors to consider in order to make your home vision a reality.  Where is that home located?   What floorplan do you prefer?  What neighborhood?  What are your important qualities-of-life, i.e., commuting distance, nearby amenities, etc.?  Randy will work closely with you to find the home that fits these criteria. 

In 1992, Randy and his wife, Lourdes, their two children, Alison and Nick, moved from Southern California to Western Washington.  Randy and Lourdes now live in Redmond.  Alison and her husband are teachers in the Lake Washington School District.  Nick and his wife live and work in Amsterdam.